Battling Depression


Ways For Battling Depression

Battling depression is a long, slow and demanding process but if done properly and with the support of loved ones, it can be successful enough to eliminate any lasting effects as well as pave the way for a healthy life moving forward. The basic foundations against depression are strong, lasting, and deep relationships. Every patient suffering from a bout of depression must turn to these social support structures in order to overcome the mental challenges of a depressive mood.

Likewise, there are also tips that one can turn to in order to augment the effort of battling depression. Consider the following tips collected and distilled from the best psychiatric minds to reverse and eliminate depressive mood altogether.

Recognize the problem so you will recognize the need for it to be treated. Battling depression cannot fully begin unless the patient recognizes the problem and admits to requiring treatment rather than just believing the lies about life and its overall “dullness” as commonly believed by depressed individuals. To do this, learn to tune in and listen to your inner self as you go about your daily business. It might seem obvious but the truth is many people take themselves for granted; they continually miss out on the nuggets of wisdom coming from within. Learning about yourself begins with listening to what you are saying and properly analyzing the motivation behind each subconscious opinion. These can also tell you a lot about how you perceive your environment, your inner strength, your coping mechanisms, your weaknesses and your need for external support from people that have your best interest at heart.

Medication can help but results can widely vary. Learn to distinguish your personal response to medication prescribed by your doctor so you can respond accordingly. Failure to communicate the effects can worsen the condition.

Battling depression also requires an understanding of how your “language” changes in the midst of a depressive mood. Patients with depression end up with negative absolutes as the main train of thought to confirm their depressed nature. It’s very common to hear statements like “I never do anything right” or “Nobody likes me” or worse yet “My life is never going to improve.” Challenge these absolutes because they are in all cases not true. This is the hardest and most challenging part because you will need to “contradict yourself” in your effort of battling depression. Still, you know that absolutes are never correct so use this to your advantage. Recall even the slightest incidents to negate these statements and be careful to focus on the positives the whole time. It will take a lot of practice but with sufficient repetition, depression sufferers can eventually negate absolute negatives on their own and adopt a healthy, more positive mindset that is the perfect antidote to a depressive episode.

All of these must be done in the context of healthy, supportive relationships. There is equal burden and challenge on the part of the family to show love, support, and reinforcement as the patient battles and recovers from depression. Showing the ability to stick together despite this challenging period can only serve to bring the family tighter and closer all the while helping a loved one recover towards a life of meaning and purpose.

When battling depression be sure you do so under a doctor's care if the depression is deep enough. You can do a lot to help on your own but follow instuctions and take any prescribed medications.