Information About Depression


Information about Depression You Can Use

Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses and is said to affect well over 17 million Americans each year. Moreover, the effect of depression is not only felt by depression patients but also by the families, loved ones and everyone else who interacts with the depressed patient. If left untreated depression can worsen to a stage where it affects the normal activities that the depressed person participates in. Therefore, it is crucial that one gets adequate information about depression so as to learn how to avoid depression and deal with it if they already have it.

Doctors often have a problem diagnosing depression as a number of depressed patients often do not know that they have the mental condition. Thus, they tend to avoid mentioning the critical symptoms which they may assume to be due to a different illness. Therefore, part of the information about deression is the symptoms commonly associated with depression.

The symptoms of depression are quite common and hence may not indicate that one has depression. Common symptoms include withdrawal from social activities or any other activities that used to be fun for the depressed person, suicidal thoughts and the tendency to act on these thoughts, stomach aches and headaches, as well as lack of appetite and sleep problems.

As mentioned, no singular symptom points to the fact that one may have depression. However, a number of doctors and medical experts agree that if one has 5 or more symptoms for a period of more than two weeks, they should consult with their doctor as to whether they may have the condition.

The information about depression would be incomplete without referring to the available treatment methods. As mentioned, if depression is not treated, it could worsen to affect one’s daily activities, as well as the lives of those who are around them. Fortunately, there are a number of depression treatments available. The common treatments include medications, as well as therapeutic techniques.

Information about depression as pertains to the medication used to treat depression refers to psychotherapy drugs which are mainly mood stabilizers and antidepressants. However, it is crucial that one gets the right prescription for any of these medications as they may have side effects if improperly used.

There are also a number of therapeutic techniques used to help the patient get over their depression. One of the most popular techniques used is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In this technique, the therapist helps the patient identify the underlying cause of their depression. Other therapy techniques focus on helping family member to understand the patient’s depressed state as well as the different ways that they may be able to support the patient as they cope with their depression.