Major Depression Symptoms


Understanding Major Depression Symptoms

As everyone should agree, signs and symptoms of an illness or disorder as manifested by the client are the primary basis for a Medical Diagnosis. Whatever it is that a person shows or their body manifests are the baseline for whatever should be done next. Diagnostic Tests are made to confirm a suspicion, but those suspicions obviously arise from signs and symptoms that are seen in the person. Unlike other illnesses, which have a hallmark sign as to what it is, there are those conditions with signs and symptoms that are hard to identify.

One of the several disorders, which remain discreet in its symptoms, is major depression. Major depression symptoms could sometimes be mistaken as something that should only be taken lightly. Its outward manifestations are not that unusual that sometimes people might think that its just one of those moments when it seems like the person woke up at the wrong side of the bed, or had mood swings or for ladies - PMS.

Major depression symptoms include:

Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
Extreme fatigue and lack of energy
Difficulty to focus or concentrate
Change in one's appetite resulting to either weight gain or weight loss
Restlessness and irritability
Feelings of being worthless
Inappropriate guilt
Thinking about death or suicide
Trouble in sleeping or excessive sleeping
Loss of pleasure in some activities that one once enjoyed
Withdrawal from the usual activities that one does before

Some symptoms of major depression may sometimes appear as anger to something that one cannot really point out what, or the discouragement to do something that one normally wants.

The feelings of being hopeless and helpless are the things that usually push depressed people to hurt or kill themselves. An emotion that they cannot understand is stirred inside them and it makes them angry and hateful. Sometimes, due to these feelings, a depressed person has the tendency to seek comfort in Alcohol and substance abuse to keep themselves from feeling sad and down.

Major depression symptoms that are highly severe include psychotic manifestations such as hallucination and delusions. A person may usually see or hear something that is not actually real. These symptoms are mostly centered on guilt and self-hate and these manifestations scare the hell out of them that they resort to hurting themselves.

It should be remembered that people with depression changes the way they see themselves and their lives. Instead of looking at the brighter side of things, depression usually causes someone to see everything in a negative way. These feelings are more common in teenagers and adolescents who are usually caught in the middle of things. They don't know how to handle certain situations in their lives that they become angry, confused and withdrawn to reality.

Major depression symptoms are the warning signs. No matter how light and negligible any possible symptoms of depression are, they should be given utmost importance, because if neglected, depression can lead to suicide attempts and ultimately – death.