My Spouse is Depressed


My Spouse is Depressed And I Don't Know What To Do

Depression is a mental condition that causes a general disinterest in day to day activities, moodiness, feelings of guilt and hopelessness, fatigue, lack of concentration and changes in body weight. Depression can be severe and in very serious cases, the depressed person may consider suicide. Depression affects the whole body and it is difficult to just snap out of it. It is crucial to seek medical attention if your spouse or someone you know experiences symptoms of depression for a very long period of time.

People who suspect that their spouse is suffering from this mood disorder may have many questions. Here are some of them.

My spouse is depressed - What causes depression? There are different types of depression which have different causes. The types of depression include atypical depression, major depressive disorder, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, seasonal affective disorder and bipolar disorder. It is said that depression may run in families. It is not easy to pinpoint the exact cause but a qualified medical professional should be able to help you.

My spouse is depressed - Is this serious? Depression is a serious condition and should be treated soon. It is serious particularly in light of the fact that a depressed person will be consumed with thoughts of death and committing suicide.

My spouse is depressed - Should I leave? A depressed spouse can be irritable, difficult and generally be very hard to live with. It is important to remember that they are not being deliberately difficult but are ill. You should not leave your spouse because of an illness they cannot help. Plus the stress of a marriage break up will exacerbate the condition.

My spouse is depressed - How can I help? Depression is an illness and the person suffering from it cannot help feeling they way they do. The best thing you can do for your spouse is be patient with them even if it almost kills you. Be there for them. You should also find someone you trust who can be your support as dealing with a depressed spouse can be emotionally taxing and fatiguing. You should also help your spouse get the treatment that they require.

My spouse is depressed - Can my spouse get treatment? Depression once it is diagnosed can actually be treated. The course of treatment will depend on the severity of the depression. Severe depression is usually treated using a combination of medication (antidepressants) and therapy. The doctor may prescribe medication to be taken over several months. Mild and moderate depression can be successfully treated by talk therapy.

My spouse is depressed - How long will it last? Depression can last for years if medical attention is not sought. However, it can be cured in a few weeks.