Recognizing Depression


Recognizing Depression: What it involves

Depression is one of the most serious mental problems that one may face. The most troubling thing about depression is that most people who have it are not aware that they do. Thus, the problem becomes how to go about recognizing depression and its symptoms. To understand how to start recognizing depression and its signs, it is crucial that one understands what causes depression.

Depression is a mental condition, which may be termed as an illness due to its psychological effects. When one is termed to be clinically depressed, the cause could be due to a number of factors. In fact, most depression cases are as a direct result of a mix of factors that any one single factor. The causes for depression are varied and may include one’s genetic makeup, current circumstances, past stressful or traumatic events, as well as one’s gender. Moreover, some prescribed medications have been known to trigger depression cases in some people.

Recognizing depression involves being keen so as to notice the warning signs once they appear. There are a number of warning signs that could mean that one is depressed. However, these warning signs may point to something completely different from depression. In general, if one exhibits more than 5 of these warnings for a period exceeding 2 weeks, it should prompt them to seek appropriate help.

The symptoms of depression tend to affect all genders equally. However, some symptoms are more predominant in one gender than the other. Recognizing depression requires one to identify whether or not they have that particular symptom.

Common symptoms that affect men more than women include irritability, loss of interest in work, hobbies or other social activities, oversleeping or problems sleeping, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity, as well as unsafe driving. Common symptoms that are depicted across all genders include a depressed mood whereby the person is always feeling sad, significant weight loss that may be accompanied by constant fatigue or a feeling of lethargy, as well as recurrent thoughts or death or suicide.

Recognizing depression also involves one’s initiative to understand that they have the condition and taking appropriate measures to seek treatment for the problem. Fortunately, most depression cases are treatable through a number of procedures. Common treatment methods involve prescribed medication, which may include mood stabilizers, as well as antidepressants, as well as psychotherapy techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapeutic technique helps the patient discover which past events or current circumstances may be the cause for their depression. In this case, the therapist takes a spectator’s role in helping the patient understand the cause for their depression.

Taking the time to determine whether you have depression symptoms may help you catch the symptoms early on and prevent the condition from progressing further.

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