Signs Of Depression In Men


Signs and Symptoms of Depression as a Warning Alarm

A thorough assessment, as everyone knows, plays a very important role in diagnosing and treating a patient. This so-called assessment comprised of the subjective and the objective cues are the primary step towards a Medical Diagnosis. Whatever it is that a person shows or manifests is the first step of the ladder. This happens in the same manner when treating depression. The signs and symptoms of depression are the markers as to what are the things to do next.

Beware of the signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of depression are one of the cues that actually remain discreet as compared to other disorders. Sometimes, the general public usually thinks that some of the signs and symptoms of depression are just forms of “normal” manifestations brought by untoward circumstances such as people being sad in one point of their lives due to failures.

The signs and symptoms of depression include feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, terrible fatigue, lack of energy, inability to focus or concentrate, changes in one's attitude and appetite which results to either weight gain or weight loss, agitation, irritability, restlessness, feelings of being worthless, self-hate, inappropriate guilt, thinking about killing one's self, trouble sleeping or excessive sleeping, loss of pleasure in some activities that one once enjoyed and withdrawal from usual daily activities.

What you need to be observant of

So how do you know if you’re experiencing depression? Sometimes, the symptoms may come as a form of anger at something which you really cannot point out, or the severe discouragement to do something that you normally enjoy doing. Feelings of being hopeless and helpless are the main reasons why depressed people usually kill themselves. Something, which they cannot understand, is rising inside them and it makes them angry that they often want to hurt themselves or other people. Sometimes, due to depression, a depressed person has the tendency to seek comfort in alcohol or substance abuse to keep him or herself from feeling sad and down.

Severe signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of depression that are severe include psychotic manifestations such as hallucinations and delusions. The person usually sees, feels, or hears something that is not real. And these symptoms are usually centered on guilt, self-hate and the like. These manifestations scare them so much that they resort to hurting themselves thinking that it would end their falsified agony.

It should be kept in mind that people who are depressed change the way they perceive themselves and their lives. Instead of feeling positive about things, depression makes them see the negative side. They see everything in a negative way. And these feelings are commonly seen in teenagers and adolescents who are still uncertain about life. They don't know how to deal with certain situations in their lives that they become angry, confused and withdrawn to from.

The signs and symptoms of depression are the warning alarms. No matter how negligible a slight change may seem, these should be given utmost attention. By paying attention to these manifestations – deep depression can be prevented or stopped. It is important to note that inappropriate and misunderstood emotions may not just lead to temporary loss of sanity, but worst, it can lead to death.

To end this article on a positive note, anyone who feels they are getting too depressed, too offer can do something about it. Through medication and at times therapy, anyone can easily learn to control their depression and get on with a normal. One good thing to do is study your illness so that you can better combat it.