Teenage Depression


TEENAGE DEPRESSION - Don't ignore it

Teenage depression can be a very dangerous thing if it is not recognized and helped. This affliction, especially in young teenagers can be confusing and upsetting to say the least. Confusing because nine times out of ten they do not know what is causing these horrible dark feelings, the crying without reason, the disassociation with friends and those they love. The deeper they get, the farther from help. The word depression alone has an enormous impact on not just teenagers but people in general.

Teenage depression can arise from many faults. Bullying, sad home life, bad school marks, feelings of being left out or losing a loved one. Many talented and intelligent teenagers have succumbed to the feelings of loneliness and alienation for no apparent reason to those around them, but deep inside they feel there is very good reason to feel this way. It needs to be released.

There is mega help for those in this situation. Being younger it is always harder to talk about things, especially when even friends have jeered and laughed, pointed and alienated. It needs to be the opposite, it needs people offering friendship and help. The teenager needs to understand that someone does care and wants to get them back into a normal life. Let these teenagers know that there is hope and friends are still rallying for them.

Family is the most important issue at a time like this. Don’t allow the teenage depression to take over, become involved more in their life, encourage rather than blame. In the long run no one asks to come into this world, but here we are. Many teenagers are blamed for situations that they had nothing to do with. Such as “I wish you were never born”, “Just shut up”, “You don’t know what you’re talking about”. Comments such as this sting, depending upon the way they are said and can be very damaging. This easily can develop into teenage depression. Many depressed teenagers come from poverty stricken areas, others come from very wealthy families, in both instances the child is often set aside as not being important. It gives them pause to wonder then, why are they even here?

Teenage depression is a very common thing, though you may not notice. That is half the problem, people do not want to notice. Even when a person is silently crying out for help, others turn their backs. Why?

Depression is far more dangerous in teenage situations, young minds are still very active and whether it shows or not those hurtful words and actions are strongly absorbed and developed and could quite easily result in their depression getting dangerously worse.

Teenage depression is very prominent in society and needs attention. It needs to be treated gently, not with malice.

If you have a teenager who seems deeply depressed action should be taken. As a parent or other care giver you should not let it get out of hand. Make an appointment with a doctor and let them give the teen an evaluation. With just a little support and medical help the problem can be over before you know it.