Understanding Depression


Understanding Depression - It can help

Depression is among the diseases that can completely exhaust the life of individuals. It makes its victims feel tired, lack the desire to engage in their normal day-to-day activities, sad and hopeless. Adverse situations may result in the development aggression, mood swings, hostility, grumpiness and suicide. Fortunately, with the right kind of help and support depression can be cured. However, the first step towards recovery entails understanding depression and its signs and symptoms.

Most individuals associate depression with sadness though it comprises of more than that. Depression emanates a feeling of emptiness, relentlessness, worthlessness, apathy and lifelessness. Individuals suffering from depression seem to be living in doom where there is no hope of being rescued and restored back to their normal self. The degree of depression may vary from one individual to another but the most exhibited signs and symptoms of this mental condition include feeling hopeless and helpless. Many individuals have given up on life since they perceive their situation to be permanent as nothing can be done to improve it. This is way understanding depression and its causes and cures are important.

As a result, depressed individuals lose the interest of engaging in their daily activities for instance hobbies, social activities, sex and work related tasks. This is accompanied by excessive weight gain or loss for instance gaining or losing about 5% of body mass in a month. The sleep patterns also change as some individuals may suffer from insomnia (lack of sleep) or hypersomnia (oversleeping). The energy levels are nose-dived making individuals to feel heavy, physically drained, sluggish and fatigued to even do small tasks such as bathing. In addition, individuals may become highly irritable because they are agitated and on the edge therefore their tolerance level is almost zero as everything gets on their nerves.

Moreover, depressed individuals suffer from a number of persistent aches and pains for example headache, stomach, back and muscle pains. Also their concentration levels are low thereby affecting their ability to stay focused, remember things and make decision. As a result they harshly criticize themselves, feel self-pity and guilty. If care is not taken this could lead to a tragic end where individuals commit suicide. Understanding depression and knowing that it is curable will help curb such incidents.

According to a plethora of conducted research men, women, teenagers and adults exhibit different faces of depression. Understanding depression will thus increase the awareness of these faces thereby helping individuals to recognize and overcome it. Teenagers are usually grumpy, hostile and easily irritable. They also experience spasms of unexplained body aches and pains. There is also a high chance for turning to drug abuse, alcohol, suicide and homicidal violence for solace.

On the other hand adults experience a myriad of health problems, self loath and loss of independence thereby increasing the mortality rates and suicide attempts. Men become violent, reckless, aggressive, angry, irritable, fatigued, have sleeping problems and loss of morale to engage in normal activities. Women oversleep, overeat and feel guilty. Women also have a higher probability of suffering from depression than men, however depressed men are at a higher risk of turning to substance abuse and suicide than women. In every area of life knowledge is power, and understanding depression will definitely enable individuals to know when to seek help as well as some things they can do to help themselves in conjunction with medical treatment..