Why Am I Depressed


Why Am I Depressed

Depression is quite the common affliction among people today. There is really no one cause of depression and it most often results from a combination of factors. A simple change in lifestyle can set off many types of depression. Depression can be a very frustration occurance if not curtailed early. If you are depressed often you should ask yourself the question why am I depressed? The following might be the possible causes.

Genetics – Studies have shown that depression sometimes runs in families, particularly in the case of bipolar disorder. If you find the answer to the question why am I depressed is because several of your relatives were depressed, you should seek medical attention.

Lack of adequate sleep – Going without a good night’s sleep will make you feel lousy and tired. If the situation persists and you do not sleep well over time you, you increase your chances of suffering from depression. Sleeping allows the body to repair itself and achieve hormonal balance. Lack of sleep often leads to fatigue, poor concentration and constant irritation, which are breeding grounds for depression. The next time you ask yourself, why am I depressed it may be due to lack of sleep and the solutions is as simple as getting a good night’s rest.

Poor nutrition- Nutrition plays a vital role. Good nutrition gives us energy and vitality and plays a role in helping to relax the body and mind. If you lack a good nutrition, you will feel frail, fatigued and generally feel low. You should eat a healthy and balanced diet to give your body what it requires for balance. Vitamins, especially vitamin B 12 nourish the chemical massagers in the body as well as giving you energy. Iron in your food will help you keep fatigue in check. Essential fatty acids are very important for the brain and other organs and are even used to treat depression patients. The next time you ask yourself, why am I depressed it may be because you are depriving yourself of essential foods.

Lack of exercise - Regular exercise helps you to vitalize the body organs like the heart and lungs; it is also a good stimulant for the muscles. Exercise also increases body metabolism, balances blood sugars and also helps to release chemicals called endorphins which are feel-good hormones. The next time you feel down and ask yourself why am I depressed it may be because you do not exercise regularly.

Stress - Chronic stress is indeed one of the biggest causes of depression. The stress may be from work, day to day living, the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties or any other reason. You should try as much as possible to control situations that will cause stress. The answer to the question why am I depressed may be something like your work so you need to reassess and take a more positive outlook.

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